UA Student Staff Training 2019
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This year’s Training theme is the Game of Life: Student Staff Training Edition!  Get ready for two weeks of board game fun!  

There are a lot of responsibilities that go into your staff position.  To make things easier, Housing has come up with an acronym of the most important functions of your role.  These are the CORE of what you do as an RA, DA, DM.  During Training, new RAs and DAs will go through a specifically developed training to learn all of the functions that go into CORE.  Here is a quick overview.

  • The main role of a student staff member is to connect with residents and develop an inclusive community in the halls 
  • Connect your residents to: you, the desk, the hall staff, other residents, the hall community, the district community, and the University of Arizona
  • You may be the first person who will notice things happening with the residents and the community 
  • Stay connected with your residents and notice successes they experience, changes in behavior, policy violations, and anything else that would affect their experience in the hall and at the UA 
Respond & Report
  • Respond to residents’ successes, celebrate them, and report to your supervisor 
  • Respond and document all potential policy violations as trained 
  • Respond to behavioral changes, determine what is causing them, and report to your supervisor. This could include, but is not limited to, changes in mental health, academic success, and emotional well-being 
  • Teach residents about our Housing & Residential Life values. Help to create more knowledgeable and well-rounded human beings. 
  • Help students learn and grow through the pillars of the Wildcat Living Curriculum